My Name is Michelle.

These are the hats I wear-

I am

An Artist, Teacher, Yogini, Daughter, Mother, Aunt…

If I dig a little deeper-

I am

A Spirit Junkie, Warrior, Hunter, Dreamer, Lover, Seeker.

I am committed to walk my talk everyday.

I want to Inspire others to believe in their Dreams…

In their Unlimited Potentional.

Everyday I face a blank canvas and wonder with curiosity,

What could I create today?

This path is scary and sometimes lonely…

but mostly it is full of life, color, movement and Joy.

When I get scared I ask myself “Why am I doing this?”

The answer is always “I LOVE PAINTING”

I also LOVE Community and LIKE-MINDED souls like you.

I believe we are all the same.

WE all crave LOVE.  WE all have Fears.

It excites me to know others walk the same path.  Whether it is Painting, Dancing or Shoe-Making (which would be very cool as I love shoes)

I honor and support you in your creative pursuit to follow what makes your heart SHINE and say “YES!”

I invite you to hook elbows with me,  get out your red sparkly shoes,  Click your heels together 3 times…

Hold your head high, Smile, Let our brilliance Illuminate the path.

Follow the Yellow Brick road- one step at a time…Leaning on each other whenever necessary.

Let Explore…


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