Uniball Pen- Single Pointed Focus

ImageHappy 2014!

Just made my “To Do List” because the things I have to do are adding up and making my mind SWIRL!

Kept my posts to a minimum this past month, as I feel the virtual overload, holiday indulgences and now the endless junk emails on how to lose those accumulated holiday pounds!

It is exhausting when you think of it all.  I feel heavy and overwhelmed…so I journal.


My favorite Uniball pen reminds me- Single Focused, Waterproof, Fadeproof, Vision.  All I have to do is get the pen to paper and get down to business!  Things become clearer.  ACTION Creates Possibilities.

Take a line for a walk, make it thick, thin, curvy or straight.  Add color, texture, mix in a little IMAGINATION and stir.  TRUST what comes up.

What is my VISION?  Not what others want or see, but what is MY vision?  The one that connects with my heart.  I have to close my eyes to see this one. What is brewing around inside my minds eye?  What makes me excited?  What makes me smile? What makes me feel full?  Where do I focus my attention today?

Answer is simple- Find JOY today- one thing-

Finding one thing is easy…Kiss my kids…Do a little sketch…Listen to Music…Sway my hips…Begin…Make Art…

Create my Vision.

Suddenly I feel lighter,   Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…  Off to work I go.

Can’t wait to see your vision!  

In Creative Spirit,


“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.”— Jonathan Swift




Learn to Dance in the Rain


My month has been amazing.  Productive, balanced, Magical really…I am so grateful.

So  here I sit with my starbucks coffee, a handful of yogurt raisins and my journal to help me satisfy my unsettled mind.

Yoga was a must today.  Ground and extend, Center and Grow, Get out of the mind and into the body, Process and eliminate the nonsense.  It has been an amazing month.

I ask myself, “What is my problem?”  Maybe it is “To good to be True”  says the Voice.  I conteract that thought quickly with the affirmation- “I have showed up consistently and the efforts are paying off.”   Be Happy.

The Voice is loud and annoying.  The cycle of self-doubt-a very familiar voice.

Today is different,  a shift has occurred.    The self nourishing voice is speaking a little stronger.  I am recognizing the Ebb and Flow of the Process of Creation.  The question remains, “How can I stay in the Flow?”  I am worried that the waterfall is around the corner and soon I will be at the bottom.  What I have come to realize is the Ebb is the time for rest.  The time to rejuvenate.  The time to paint, have fun and create.  The Ebb/Flow is the natural rhythm of my work.  In Art and in life.


I recognize I need the whole cycle.  It is not about being unrealistic and happy all the time.  It is about the abilitly to recognize where I am in the cycle.  When the Ebb occurs, can I put my anxieties into action and show up to what is NOW.  My life.  The good, the bad, the happy, the sad.  I will admit the Ebb is not as easy to take as the Flow, but I am so grateful for the ability to FEEL.  I am aware that the Ebb is temporary and necessary for collecting my energy for the next flow to be even Bigger, Higher, Faster, full of Abundance and Creativity.

Bet the next waterfall will be Beautiful and I will be standing at the base looking up FEELING JOYFUL, with a smile on my face.




Art Camp 2013-Conquering Fears

First Annual Art Camp 2013

You teach what you need to Learn… Nothing like spending 4 Days,  28 hours with 8 pint sized artists 7-11years old…

Will I survive?? Heck ya!  I get to be a child again.  I was up everyday early, excited like a kid on Christmas morning.

The girls arrived each day a little earlier.  That is a good sign.  They are COMMITTED!

Number ONE skill to have as an artist.  Discipline, Commitment and a LOVE of ART is key to leading a creative life. We began the day with Yoga.  Finding our breath, looking inward, grounding and connecting.  Day 1- they can barely stay still vs Day 4- when half way through class they asked, “When is the story coming?  When can we lie down and rest.  That is my progress…


“What next?”  Favorite question of the day (Actually this question is on constant replay)

“Art is next,” I reply.    We played with watercolor, pastel, acrylic, sketching, printing.

Creating our Masterpieces with intention.


What I loved most was the sense of community.  We had guests come share their expertise.  Jesse the Fire Twirler, Jay the Balloon Artist and Shauna the Prayer Flag Artist all helped to empower the kids to believe in themselves.   Providing a space to create with freedom, teaching them to share, watching the fears set in.  Balloon twisting and popping struck a few nerves.  Does that fear ever go away??

IMG_0235IMG_0275 IMG_0174

Bike riding was a challenge that I was not quite expecting.

All was going well- until the first BIG HILL…

Top of the hill

T: “The hill looks so BIG!  I am scared!”

M:  “It’s ok, just take your time, go slow.  Use your brakes.  YOU CAN DO IT!” Bottom of the hill

T: “ I DID IT!  It wasn’t that bad, I am proud of myself.”  I smile.

Off we go…then I hear sssssssszzz.  I stop smiling.

T:  “Michelle, Something is wrong with my bike.”

M:  “It’s a flat tire-oh boy.”  My challenge.  We are far away from home- no tire tube.

T: “What are we going to do?”

M:  I pause, “Lets go play and sketch at the river.”  Truth is I need to think about this one.

We all had a great time at the river.  Cooling off, playing with dogs.  It was 37 degrees.  Time to get back.  Little 7 yr old trouper artist, pushed her bike over 5 km home.  Not a tear shed- I was so proud of her.  She is a true artist!  Brave, Strong, Committed.   The other girls get a GOLD STAR for their patience and understanding.  Popsicles for all!! IMG_0933

When you have a Fear it is wise to find someone you respect that has walked the path ahead of you.  The teacher can relate, as they have had their own experience.  The unknown is scary. You wonder…Am I good enough?  Will I be accepted?  Will other judge me?   Am I capable?   Very Fearful thoughts indeed.

The teacher has learned through personal experience to challenge those thoughts.

Nourish yourself, have fun, choose Love over Fear, Support others. Be Brave, Be strong, Be authentic.  JUST BE!

In the creative process we take time to look inward- to stir our imagination-to feel what inspires us and turn our inspiration into something we can share.

Together- We MAKE ART!!!!    MAKE ART!!!!   MAKE MORE ART!!!!

It is in the process that we learn to overcome our fears, our self-doubt, have some fun Explore. Inspire and Believe…

 Manifest your Masterpiece.

In Creative Spirit,



“When you face the fear…it loses its power”